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This Poached Egg recipe on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal is suitable for high protein, low carb and gluten-free Indian meal

Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal

by Shyamali Sinha

A Poached egg on the top of warm Indian spice flavoured Green Moong Dal, and some sauteed vegetables- this is one of my favourites recipe for high protein low carb breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Poached Eggs or Boiled Eggs!

You know, still, I repeat that Eggs and lentils are the cheap yet delicious source of protein. Making beautiful hard-boiled eggs for our Breakfast is not a challenge for me. But, making perfect poached eggs on a busy morning sometimes can be challenging. Whenever we go out for a weekend brunch, I am one of those people who never get tired of ordering poached egg for Breakfast. A poached egg is my love.

Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Mung Dal

How to poach an Egg with an Eggs poacher!

Making poached eggs is a simple process; you need to be attentive and present while you are making poached eggs. Water, timing, temperature; these are the few points you need to keep in mind to make perfect poached eggs.

I often get messages to share some easy to do, quick meal ideas, recipes from students or people who just moved Australia for their job. In my opinion, Eggs are not only a great source of protein but we can create many recipes with eggs. The recipes with poached eggs are my personal favourite.

Everten has some amazing Kitchenware collection along with this AVANTI Egg poacher. They also offer free shipping all over Australia if you purchase over $99. Also to mention that Everten has four interest-free payment facility too.

Poached Egg on Egg poacher
Egg Poacher

If you are a student or you are someone who is in the process of buying kitchenware, cookware for your kitchen on a budget, then my biggest tip will be that instead of doing a quick set up with cheap products those are not bio-degradable,  not environment-friendly. Long term use can be the cause of health damage, invest in some good quality of kitchenware, cookware.

An Egg Poacher is a practical solution if you want to make perfect poached eggs without being worried. It is so easy to make that all you need to do :

  1. Pour egg poaching pan with 1/2 inch water
  2. Set the pan over medium heat 
  3. Bring the pan to a simmer.
  4. Grease each cup either with butter or oil or ghee. ( you need just two drops of oil for all four cups), place the cup in the given metal ring.
  5. Crack an egg for each cup, cover the pan and cook for the desired doneness.
  6. For a runny yolk, you need to cook for 2 minutes.
Poached Egg on Egg Poacher

Time Management in the Kitchen

Combining active and passive work is one of my favourite time management strategy in the kitchen. So if you love to enjoy a runny yolked poached egg, your hands are free for two minutes to put the bread slices into the toaster or cut your fruits. Without being worried about your perfect desired poached egg and being multitasker in the kitchen is an accomplishment! Isn’t it?

High Protein Low Carb Meal!

My whole life I used to believe that I can do anything, I mean anything, but I can’t live a day without carb and sweet! I have an intense love affair with my carb! To be very precise, I love my Roti, Parathas over cereals for my Breakfast. But, as you know that every love story has to have a villain, who makes the relationship complicated! The same thing happened to me! 

It’s been a couple of years I was feeling tired, body ache was a real cause for my depression. Finally, at the end of 2019, you know that time of the year when we all make some new year resolutions! After almost six years, I decided to start to go to the gym again, and I knew that I need a guide and a push from outside, so I started working with my trainer and nutritionist.

After two-three sessions working together, she told me Shyamali, ” your body is inflamed, and if you want to see the progress, you need to follow Gluten-free, low carb and high protein meals for a couple of months”!


If you love your carb and sweet, you hear me, my friend! You can feel my level of frustration, stress!  

Making Low carb, high protein, gluten-free meals for the next couple of months was a real challenge for me.

Determinations are powerful than resolutions!

Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Mung Dal
Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal

But, this time, I didn’t make the new year resolution, I determined to take in charge of my health, and I decided to get rid of all the body pain. I wanted to feel more energetic, stress-free and relaxed. So in January 2020, I took the challenge. I decided to take baby steps. “21 days of low carb high protein Indian food challenge.” 

I knew that if I had to follow this diet at a stretch for longer than a month, I would end up eating more high carb, sugar-loaded food. After all, we all know that food is our biggest stress reliever.

During this period, I started playing with my meal plan and meal prep skills.

Surprisingly, not a single day, I feel about quitting my challenge. I included different types of lentils, veggies in my weekly meals. I soak lentils into the water the previous night of my weekly meal prep day. Then, the next day, either I boiled the lentils, or I drain the lentil and keep in the refrigerator for weekly meals.

If I couldn’t cook anything, lentils and eggs used to be my easy access for high protein low carb meal. To make my meals more nutritious, colourful, either I used to make stir-fried vegetables or sauteed vegetables. I used to cook Plain rice or Roti for my little girl, my husband. 

Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Mung Dal
Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal

After 21 days, I started taking rice, but nowadays, after taking 4-5 spoons of rice, I feel full.

I guess without depriving myself, I am progressing in the process of ” portion control.” Lentils, Eggs and spices = various easy to do and Budget-friendly meals! If your pantry well-stocked and doing meal prep is a ritual in your kitchen, then Lentils, Eggs and spices with these ingredients, you can put together tons of budget-friendly, delicious and healthy meals. 

Spiced Dal, Sauteed vegetables and a poached egg – this is one of my favourite combinations for busy days.

This recipe is versatile, you can use any lentils you have in your pantry, or you have decided to cook on a particular week.

Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Mung Dal
Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal with Rice and Vegetable

Q: Can I use canned Lentils or Beans?

A: Yes, sure, you can. But it is better made with dried lentils for two reasons.

  1. Dried beans are more economical, and you need 10 minutes extra cook time. ( you don’t need to do anything)
  2. You will get a better texture.

Q: Is this a Dal curry or Dal Soup? What is the texture of the dish?

A: Well, I prefer to call it Dal only. The texture of the dish is thick, and it is easy to scoop with Roti, Bread or Paratha. For a gluten-free meal, you can enjoy it on the bed of steamed rice. But, any Dal taste delectable, when you pour a teaspoon of Ghee on the top! 

Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Mung Dal
Poached Egg on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal

We have published the recipe in following blog post in Everten blog. Please find the recipe here.

High Protein & Low Carb Recipe: Poached Eggs on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal
This Poached Egg recipe on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal is suitable for high protein, low carb and gluten-free Indian meal.
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