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Sabur khichuri

Meal Idea – Sabur Khichuri – Monsoon memory

by Shyamali Sinha

Sabur Khichuri- Bengali Style savoury Tapioca or Sago Porridge According to this week’s meal plan Monday lunch menu supposed to be a sattvic Bengali vegetarian meal like this-

But, I ended up making Sabur Khichuri for Lunch! Because sometimes our heart doesn’t want to follow the weekly meal plan and wants something else!

Last night I had a long telephonic conversation with Maa. She was telling me how people are dealing with the current challenging situation in our neighbourhood, and how people are trying to help each other! While Maa was continuing her experiences good and bad, both! I was thinking, wow! She said people are helping each other too!

I mean seriously! Because if you turn on any news channel, check WhatsApp forward, Facebook, most of the time, you will see the posts where people are sharing their experience that how self-centred, rude the human world has become! Then, I was thinking in my mind, how I could forget about our friends, our relatives, our neighbours who helped us during a tough time? All the wishes came from our viewers, online friends? Is it only me or we as human often forget to show gratitude for our present situation, relations?

Well, I want to take this opportunity and convey my gratitude to everyone who stood beside us during our difficult time! Without your support, we couldn’t get the strength to overcome the hurdles!

It seems I was a part of two different conversations, one with my mom and a self conversation!

Suddenly I heard, Maa said, “শ্রাবণ মাস পরে গেছে, কাল তো দ্বিতীয় সোমবার! অনেকেই ভূতনাথ মান্দিরে জল ঢালতে যাচ্ছে শুনলাম, কি অদ্ভুত, ওদের safety নিয়ে কোনও সমস্যা নেই!” ( Srabon MasA monsoon month of Bengali calendar, an auspicious month when some Hindu devotees worship Lord Shiva).

I remembered, In Shrabon Mas, Mejo Pisi ( My paternal Aunt) used to do fasting every Monday, and in the evening she used to make Sabu Makha or Sabur Khichuri for her dinner! সন্ধ্যে আরতি, ধুপ ধুনোর গন্ধ, তারপর সাবুর খিচুরির উপরে টুপ করে ঘি পরা, আর বাইরে টুপটাপ বৃষ্টি, সব মিলিয়ে আমাদের দোতালার বারান্দাটা ম ম করে উঠত। ( Evening prayer, the fragrance of insane, the sound of raindrops, a dollop of Ghee in simmering Sabur Khichuri, the smell of fried Eggplant!)

I wish I could portrait or translate my memory in a better way for those friends who can’t read Bengali! My friend- I promise I will practice more to weave memories in English so that one day I can take you to my beautiful memory land!

It’s a cloudy, gloomy winter Monday in my part of the world and already I had taken a long walk to down the memory lane, hence Bengali Sabur Kichuri, Begun Bhaja, Badhakopir Torkari for #meatlessmonday Lunch!

I will share my version of Sabur Khichuri recipe later. For now, if you are looking for a good Sabudana Khichuri recipe check here.

A Homemaker’s Diary: Sabur Khichuri the Bengali way
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Check out this recipe
A Homemaker’s Diary: Sabur Khichuri the Bengali way

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