Here we have documented the resources which always help us to perform our daily activities efficiently and with perfection. We are sure this can help you as well. Let us know how you incorporate these resources in your life. Do not hesitate to Pin it or share it with your loved ones.

Pantry Inventory Checklist

Every month I choose a specific day, and I check my pantry. After that, I used this Pantry Inventory Checklist to update the items which I have currently in my stock. Also, I mark the things which are running low, and I buy those items whenever I go to the market. This process will help me to maintain a well-stocked pantry and within my budget.

You can watch below video to see how I use the above Pantry Inventory Checklist.

Bucket List

This year we have started to create and follow seasonal Bucket List for every special occasion such as Durga Pujo, Holiday season and annual shopping. This system helps us to focus on our need within our budget. Also, it stopped us doing impulsive shopping.