Meals from your pantry and fridge during the lockdown – Breakfast recipes

If you have a well-stocked pantry,  it’s not at all a problematic situation for you to cook meals from your pantry and fridge for at least two weeks during quarantine or lockdown period. But please remember that well-stocked pantry does not mean doing stockpile.

From last Tuesday, Biswa is working from home, Mithi was continuing school till Thursday, as there was no notice from school for lockdown. But, on Friday, we stopped sending her school. We took this decision because the seasonal changes are like clockwork, isn’t it! They take place every year without fail, and we know Melbourne weather has a notorious reputation, it can be 26 degrees one minute, then 10 degrees the next. The changes in weather provide a conducive environment for the virus to multiply and spread. We can’t control the weather, but we can protect our kids by following some dos and don’ts. 

Working from Home!

 It’s been more than five years that I am trying to continue work from home while I am taking care of our daughter, doing home management works.  Stay home with the kid, working from home for an indefinite period, finding space for me time, I am familiar with this situation. But, It is a new state of circumstances for Biswa and many of our friends, for kids as well.  

 It’s a crazy situation, right now! There is no difference between Sunday and Monday!  But, as they say, hence ” we cannot change anything unless we accept it”.  We all have to accept this situation, and it is real! so, Instead of reacting, we have to respond according to the situation.

Usually, on Sundays, I  try to cook fresh traditional Bengali meals with local Australian produces. On Saturday morning, Biswa love to visit and buy fresh produce from farmer’s markets,  meat from the local butcher and fish shops. But this week, instead of buying new items, we are trying to stay home as much as we can. 

Making life more practical and accessible

 I am all about making my life more practical and accessible, so I have decided to cook meals from my pantry and fridge during the lockdown. This way I can try many new recipes and bring some joy to our day.

If your pantry is not well stocked, still you can buy your essentials for the emergency without doing panic shopping and serve fresh healthy meals to your family. Check my emergency pantry list, if you want you can download it and save in your phone.  But please, please don’t do panic shopping and stockpiling. One mistake leads to another, if this cycle continues, then we all will be in another big trouble. 

This is the time to stay together, work together

The year 2020 begins with a global disaster! First Australian bushfire, then this pandemic disease COVID -19. I am sure none of us experienced this kind of situation ever in our lifetime. This is the time to stay together, work together to get rid of these challenging circumstances.

Breakfast and brunch recipes

Instead of going to the supermarket, today I am sharing some easy to do breakfast recipes, that you can cook from your pantry and fridge.

Note: Use these recipes as a guide, feel free to tweak ingredients according to your stock. If you are new to cooking, not sure what to replace, if a certain ingredient is not available, please feel free to ask us.

Recipe courtesy:

Moong Dal Quinoa Chilla – It is a warm, savoury breakfast. Chilla or Cheela is lentil based Indian crepe. This is a gluten-free and vegan meal option too.

Moong Dal Quinoa Chilla

Methi Paratha – A delicious, healthy Indian flatbread packed with flavour and nutrients!

Methi Paratha

Overnight oats bowl with mixed berries by Pikturenama – Save this no cooking delicious healthy recipe.

Overnight Oats Bowl ( Picture courtesy )

Kanda Batata Poha – Kanda Batata Poha, this super tasty savoury Breakfast made with Poha (rice flakes), Kanda(onion), Batata( Potato), Peanuts and some Indian pantry staple spices.

Kanda Batata Poha

Poached Eggs on Indian spiced Green Moong dal – This Poached Egg recipe on Indian Spiced Green Moong Dal is suitable for high protein, low carb and gluten-free Indian meal.

Poached Eggs on spiced green moon dal

Savoury Paneer and Veggies Multigrain Pancakes

Savoury Paneer and Veggies Multigrain Pancakes ( Picture Courtesy )

Vermicelli muffins – These vermicelli muffins and pancakes serve delicious breakfast, snack for school, office, picnics or potlucks too! The best part these are freezer friendly!

Vermicelli muffins

Farmer’s Frittata- Easy and Wholesome Breakfast

Farmer’s Frittata- Easy and Wholesome Breakfast ( Picture courtesy – )

Spinach, leek and ricotta muffins – recipe by The Spice Adventuress

Spinach, leek and ricotta muffins ( Picture Courtesy by The Spice Adventuress )

Sprouted Mung and Ragi Adai – recipe by

Sprouted Mung and Ragi Adai ( Picture courtesy – )

Oats chilla – Gram flour and Oats are common ingredients in the Bengali kitchen. These super healthy and quick pancakes are hit in my kitchen, especially those days when we follow a high protein -low carb vegetarian meal. I serve these Cheelas with some Green beans Sabzi

Oats Chilla

Vegetable Vermicelli Pulao – Vegetable Vermicelli is a simple, delicious, colourful dish for Breakfast. In India Vermicelli also known as Sevai or Sevia, in Bengali, it’s called Seuyi.

Vegetable Vermicelli Pulao-

Poha appam – Beaten rice or Poha in Bengali, we called it Chire( চিড়া/চিড়ে) can be used to make instant Indian breakfast recipe and tiffin recipes.

Poha Appam

One pan breakfast with sausages and eggs – recipe by Nish Kitchen

One pan breakfast with sausages and eggs ( Picture Courtesy )

Rava uttapam or Suji Uttapam or Indian semolina pancakes – I can use up any vegetable I need to use up.

Rava uttapam

Chirer polao or Rice flakes Pulao is a sweet and savoury breakfast treat, also a good option for an afternoon snack.

Chirer Pulao

Green Moong Dal Dosa or Pesarattu – It is a good example of high protein low carb Indian Vegetarian Breakfast.

Green Moong Dal Dosa

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