Kobji Dubiye Pet Pujo – A Bengali (Regional Indian) Food Event in Melbourne

We are super excited to present our first-ever Food Event in Melbourne! And no need to say that this project is very close to our hearts. “Kobji Dubiye Pet Pujo” is a pop-up Indian food event in Melbourne in collaboration with Utsav Melbourne Association to enjoy a special Bengali sit-down or takeaway meal for dinner! 

Kobji Dubiye Pet Pujo – A Bengali (Indian Regional) Food Event in Melbourne

What is “Kobji Dubiye Pet Pujo”!

In English or any other language, it’s hard to explain this Bengali Phrase, “Kobji Dubiye Pet Pujo”.It means overindulge in food! Bengalis are famous for their love for various food and cuisines. Bengali cuisine is evolved over time, which is very prominent in the chapters of Bengali food history. We included everything in our daily home cooking, from Tea to Tomato, Chilli, Potato, that came into our life through the trade route.
Not only ingredients but we also adapted the eating style according to the culture! We use forks and knives for European food, chopsticks for Asian food. But, when it’s come to Indian food, we prefer to stick to our own eating style! We choose to eat with hands and don’t care if the gravies spread all over your elbow!

A home-style Bengali (Regional Indian) food experience for you with you!

Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. But the city experienced the most prolonged lockdown for the last two years, including work from home, homeschooling, household chores, and isolation. Then, this August, When we were gearing up for our annual festival Durga Pujo, we experienced our last lockdown! Isolation was the only way to get through this challenging time, and we did it!

Now, holidays are upon us! It’s time to pamper ourselves by doing the things that we love to do! It’s the time of the year for the celebration of togetherness! No celebration is complete without a feast. As we Bengali say, #KobjiDubiyePetpujo, right? But in the current situation, not everyone is getting the opportunity to travel to India and explore home-style Indian meals! So when UMA decided to organise this event to bring community members together to celebrate life, we decided to curate a delicious homestyle Bengali menu to pamper your soul.

The event details

Venue: Cyprus Community Function Centre

Date: 18/12/2021

Time: 7 PM – 9 PM

Book here: https://bit.ly/PetPujo

Kobji Dubiye Pet Pujo – A Bengali (Regional Indian) Food Event in Melbourne


A few pictures from the menu

Macher Chop, Narkeler Bora and Daler Bora
Sugandhi Polao
Moong Dal er Chorchori
Chingri Macher Dhoka
Mutton Korma

Luchir Payesh

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