Kids lunch box idea #1 by Foodie's Hut

Kids lunch box idea 1

Kids Lunchbox Ideas- I am a big fan of tasty, healthy and easy to make lunchboxes for my daughter. Sounds inspiring and fancy, right!!! But the reality is preparing kids lunch box every morning and trying to be creative is a tough chore. Some days lack inspiration, some days running late, but you know your kid loves variety food.

Kids lunch box idea #1 by Foodie's Hut


Mithi loves Paratha, so most of the time I try to pack paratha for her lunchbox. you can find my other paratha or bread recipe here.

Mid Morning snack: Banana Muffin and cheese slice

Lunch: Vegetable Dal Paratha, sweetened yogurt, cucumber sticks

Vegetable Dal Paratha- you can make the dough night before, (I like to divide the dough in required portion) and store in an airtight container, then keep in the refrigerator. That way next morning the dough will come to room temperature quickly, then you can roll it out.

I prefer to cut the paratha in small bite size pieces so that she can easily dip in the yogurt and eat without a mess.

Sweetened Yogurt: Add little bit sugar and a drop of vanilla essence and mix it.

Afternoon snack: Apple

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