Kerala Onam Sadya | Pachadi recipe | Indian Festival in Melbourne

This is the time of the year again, festivity is in the air. Onam is the state festival of Kerela, India. This is the biggest festival celebrated in Kerala. This year one of my friends organized an Onam Sadya (a vegetarian feast) at her place and I was invited for the lunch.

As we are staying out of our country, this is the time of the year I really miss my friends, family, and all festivities. But living in the present is the beauty of life.Sometimes a good moment flies before you catch it! This year I have come up with the idea to accumulate all the opportunity we got to celebrate our festivals in Melbourne, Australia, and this is the beginning, I hope you love this Vlog.

Thanks, Affaf Ali for helping me in filming.
Photo Credit: Supriya Mengi Kumaria

I encourage you to visit Dhanya’s blog ” The Spice Adventuress” for the Pachadi recipe and more delicious stuff:


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