Food Story #7 - 12 Jan 2018

Food Story #7 – A Day in Melbourne Museume with Kids and Indian Food

Hello everyone,

It's a moms and kids holiday day out on a hot day. So we were looking for some indoor activities, with some educational experience.
We went to Melbourne Museum and spent almost the whole day there. Melbourne Museum is a popular tourist attraction and the largest Museum in Australia. It's the first time Mithi watched a movie in IMAX theatre, which is a part of Museum complex. We watched the documentary " Under the Sea", and I am glad that we decided to watch the movie. Not only kids, but we all also enjoyed it.

Here are some pics from Museum trip:

Now, I have to share you the food part.
One of our Maharashtrian friends made Poha; utterly different from Chirer Pulao; we paired it with a cup of Chai Latte. I made Omelette sandwiches similar to my Spinach Omelette sandwich, and for desserts, the other friend baked Chocolate cake. And of course, we carried fruits and a little bit junk food like Chips, Chocolate for treats and snacks.

No need to say that we spent a great time.
When we returned home, I was so tired that couldn't cook anything! And when this kind of situation occurs, my leftovers are there to feed us a satisfying meal!
So our Dinner was:

All I had to do was, to roll out the Ruti and cook, though I felt too tired to do that job also, I don't know it's only me, or you think the same!

Happy Friday friends!

Food Story #7 - 12 Jan 2018

Food Story #7 - 12 Jan 2018

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