Food Story # 6 – 7th Jan 2018

Hello everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, as I said it was a scorching day yesterday, but in the evening, the weather was good and we went to @St Kilda beach and then Iskon temple! Saturday well spend! Sunday breakfast has to be special!

Today's Breakfast, actually Brunch:

  • Luchi ( Bengali's all-time favourite Breakfast)
  • Kabuli Chana and Potato curry( Back home in our locality there is a Paratha shop, and they make this simple Aloo Chanar Tarkari )
  • Sunday Breakfast without Sweet( নৈব নৈব চঃ ) Impossible! So made Bengali Style Suji.

Have a relaxing Sunday friends!

Food story # 6 - 7th Jan 2018

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