Food Story 2 – 2 Jan 2018

Hello, my foodie friends,

I don't make new year resolutions, somehow that doesn't work for me! Instead of that since 2015 every year I choose a theme of the year, what is a "Theme"? A few words or a single word that describe the specific area of my life I want to focus or I need to work on! In 2015 my theme was " Patience", 2016 " Nourish" in 2017 the theme was " Be Present", and this year my theme is " Go with the Flow."

I don't know about you, but for me, as I am living an expat life far away from my family, friends when a year begins we all are excited, we all have goals, dreams, planning! But as time flies, we spend two-three months of the year, all I need a push or reminder to keep moving. I guess I can write a book about my feelings, but let's save it for another time! And this is the time when my Theme works for me as energy or reminder.
Last night when I was making the very first to-do list of the year, grocery shopping was one of the essential things to be done by today! I planned to clean the veggie tray today before doing the weekly grocery shopping! After doing my fridge raid, all I had some chopped vegetables, one box of button mushroom, one red capsicum, some carrots, a small amount of Paratha dough and some eggs need to consume by this week.

As I said, the theme of the year is " Go with the flow."
Within 10 minutes I made my weekly meal plan and realise I can go my to the grocery shopping after two-three days! today we went to the park for water play. No need to say that Mithi( our daughter) is super excited! If you understand Bengali, then you can see the Vlog here!

So here is our today's Breakfast :

Breakfast Idea #02 Jan 2018 - By Foodie's Hut

Have a wonderful day! Happy cooking 🙂

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