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Foodie’s Hut is a YouTube cooking show hosted by Shyamali Sinha, who is a Food enthusiast, passionate about all types of food and cooking.  Being an Indian, born and brought up in Kolkata (West Bengal), most of her recipes are influenced by the Indian and the Bengali cuisine. Since every single state in India has its own specialty, at the risk of sounding biased, Shyamali believes that due to so much variety; India itself is a multi-cuisine country.

She loves to discover and create new recipes, loves to cook them and share the recipes with others. Many of Foodie’s Hut recipes are the result of a deep and endless love and faith, made possible by the people of her family, her friends, and her good memories with food. She strongly believes that home cooked food does not only fill the stomach with love but also fills us with our emotions and makes good memories,  When we  have to stay away from our family, many of us feel home sick and  most of the time it  starts with the memory of food. Every family has some special recipes, these special recipes made by the special people of the family, every ingredient, vegetable, spice and every detail of the recipe carries a unique taste with it, and one can feel the love that has gone into bringing a few raw ingredients to such a unique dish. 

Find her recipe here or check her YouTube channel "Foodie's Hut".

If you are new to home cooking, we encourage you to explore your known food in your own kitchen and feel free to ask any cooking related queries. If you are someone who is an expert in cooking, we would love to hear from you. So please share your experiences, thoughts & suggestions with us.