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Welcome to Foodie's Hut!

We Shyamali, Biswajit and our little daughter, a Bengali family from Calcutta in Melbourne, exploring Aussie living while enjoying our Bengali and Indian dishes for the daily meals with local ingredients! This website is a journal of Food stories with cooking videos and recipes,  Travel stories, Aussie living and beyond. 

Back in 14th April 2012, we started Foodie's Hut as a YouTube channel, a creative engagement, not only to overcome the loneliness of expat life but also to connect with other people over the internet and showcase Bengali recipes and Indian recipes. We started this project without any financial objective.

I am Shyamali, the content creator, the storyteller of Foodie's Hut. Currently, I have started sharing my daily food stories on Instagram, and on that process, I am also reading many food stories, virtually meeting with fellow creators, learning new recipes, cooking techniques, which I would love to share with you! I hope you will spend some time here and share your thoughts before you go. I would love to see you here again and again!

I strongly believe that home cooked food does not only fill the stomach with love but also fills us with our emotions and makes good memories. Every family has some unique recipes, these recipes made by the special people of the family, every ingredient, vegetable, spice and every detail of the method carries a unique taste with it, and one can feel the love that has gone into bringing a few raw ingredients to such a single dish.

Biswajit (Biswa) the technical brain behind this project, the person behind the camera, the photographer and the editor.Photography, learning new technologies his passion, he is fascinated by Melbourne's coffee and wine culture. He loves to share his new cafe discover on Instagram.

Over the years, we realised Foodie's Hut becomes an integral part of our life. We as a family enjoying this tasty, creative journey! Our viewers were asking for printable recipes and with a toddler,( who is a school going girl now) filming recipes was a challenging job for us. So we created this space to continue our passion!

Thankful to all our viewers and readers for your constant suggestions, encouragement and love!